Singapore’s Best Romantic Dessert Date Spots in 2023

The perfect date doesn’t have to break the bank – it just needs to be thoughtful and end on the sweetest note! Dessert is a wonderful way to end the day, and the most romantic dessert spots are a balanced combination of good vibes, gorgeous settings and delicious treats! Here are our top three romantic dessert spots, at three price points to help you plan for the sweetest date!

Image by Cottonbro Studio

Plain Vanilla


This quaint bakery boasts beautiful outlets across the island, but our top picks for the most picturesque time would be their Tiong Bahru or East Coast location. With a selection of both indoor and alfresco seating, you get to choose the vibe you need for the date you’re going for!

With a wonderfully affordable spread of signature cupcakes, pastries and coffee, this is one of Singapore’s best brunch date spots for a cosily intimate time.

Tigerlily Patisserie


If you’re looking to impress your date with something a bit more unique, there are very few desserts as visually striking as Tigerlily Patisserie’s Beehive Entremet! It’s a great way to end the night on a memorable note, and sure-fire Instagram fodder for sweet date pictures.

This is an especially delightful spot for nature lovers, with a botanical-inspired spread and setting that sets them apart from your usual dessert cafes.

La D’oro


One of the most indulgent spots on the list, La D’Oro is a wonderful ‘special occasion’ option that definitely delivers the quality that you pay for. This Japanese-Italian ristorante features an impressive dinner menu that’s perfectly paired with one of our favourite romantic desserts – a boozey, almost deconstructed tiramisu that’s nothing like you’ve tried before!

The dim, intimate atmosphere and open kitchen areas, this dining experience is the one to chope for anniversaries and romantic celebrations of any kind!

For more on Singapore’s Top 50 Dessert Establishments that you need to take a bite from, give the Sweet Spots dessert guidebook a read – you might just find your new favourite spot!

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