Would you try Singapore’s smelliest dessert bowl?


Durian sits comfortably near the centre of Singapore’s food scene, and if you’re an intrepid first-time explorer into Southeast Asian cuisine or die-hard durian lover, you won’t want to give durian mousse bowls a miss! Even if you aren’t a durian aficionado, though, don’t be put off just yet – it isn’t a celebration, but an elevation of this regional giant!

This spiky fruit gets a bad rep for its universal ban on public transport systems, and has often been referred to as the fruit that “smells like hell but tastes like heaven”. Durians often come in either a sweet or bitter variety, and the most prized fruits in Singapore generally come from Penang or Pahang state in Malaysia! You’ll want to look out for durians with creamy flesh with a custard-like consistency and strong fragrance to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Durian mousse began getting super popular in the last two decades, and many durian bowl joints serve a spread of indulgent concoctions, often with a combination of toppings and regional twists to suit every taste bud! The core of any durian mousse bowl involves whipping and blending soft durian flesh with sugar and ice chips, with the occasional addition of coconut milk or fresh cream. The silky-smooth mix is a perfectly balanced bite of sweet custard with subtle jabs of heady pungency.

Durian lovers will often load up on another dollop of durian flesh on top of this, but other popular additions include sago seeds, glutinous rice balls or fresh pomelo flesh. The sheer versatility of the treat makes it the perfect choice for both durian fans and the uninitiated alike! You’ll be spoiled for choice in Singapore when it comes to this dessert, and the Sweet Spots guide is a great place to start for some Singaporean-approved suggestions!

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