Driven to delight customers with a unique balance of flavoursome desserts, KAZO® (卡滋屋) serves a decadent range of Taiwanese pastries and desserts baked fresh with the finest ingredients specially flown from Taiwan to uphold its authentic Taiwanese taste.


Revered for our crisp and crunchy crust, our endeavour in creating delicious and complementing flavours has resulted in some of our popular desserts including the Mao Shan Wang Crispy Durian Cream puff, Polo Bun, and Original Cheese Tart.


We are focused in creating new desserts and intriguing flavours that delivers only quality and a gratifying indulgence. So whether it’s a cake that strikes your fancy for a special celebration or a bite-sized munch to fix your cravings, every satisfying bite of Kazo will only have you coming back for more.


Apart from freshly-baked takeaways, we also provide Doorstep Deliveries, Bulk Purchase Orders and Live Stations for events and functions. To know more, get in touch with us today.

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