Tarte by Cheryl Koh

Led by Chef Cheryl Koh, Asia’s Best Pastry Chef in 2016, this dessert store focuses on flavour over intricacy, showcasing precision and finesse.


Chulop! is Singapore’s very own snack bar which speacialises in the sale of churros, perfectly complemented with artisanal premium dips. In Chulop!, our dough is freshly made every morning, its recipe has been crafted to perfection, as the result of our passion and love for the art of churro-making. We take pride in serving you […]

Mr Bucket Chocolaterie

knack for making world-class chocolate bonbons – each coated inpaint swipes of colour and filled with ganache spiked with fun flavoursthat dance on your tongue as it melts.

Niche Savoureuse

We are trained and specialise in French Pastry, cakes & breads with a local flavour. We operate in a tiny kitchen that would discourage many an experienced Chef but we do not let our size limit what we can accomplish in our creations. Every item is hand made by us or we simply don’t put […]

Baker’s 13

Established in Sunny Singapore in 2014, Baker’s 13 always strongly believes ‘A meal without dessert is like a play without an ending’. And to conclude a meal, with desserts made from premium ingredients and fresh produce, is the best ending ever. We source for the best ingredient of the season, and use its natural sweetness, textures and tastes to create unique […]