Singapore’s Best Romantic Dessert Date Spots in 2023

The perfect date doesn’t have to break the bank – it just needs to be thoughtful and end on the sweetest note! Dessert is a wonderful way to end the day, and the most romantic dessert spots are a balanced combination of good vibes, gorgeous settings and delicious treats! Here are our top three romantic […]

This is Singapore’s Top 50 Dessert Establishments in 2023, as nominated by locals!

Sweet Spots is proud to feature the inaugural list of Singapore’s Top 50 Dessert Establishments in 2023! 1 SPOON Fluff Stack With desserts as light as buttery clouds, Fluff Stack is the go-to destination for affordable, high-quality soufflé pancakes. Plain Vanilla Plain Vanilla is a cherished brunch spot known for its chic alfresco seating, beautifully […]

Experience award-winning desserts in Museum of Ice Cream Singapore!

If you haven’t heard, the nation-wide Sweet Spots campaign has wrapped up and released 2023’s pick for the Top 50 Dessert Establishments you need to visit in Singapore! For the first time ever, local sweet tooths had a chance to nominate their favourite dessert spots for recognition in the Sweet Spots guidebook, which is this […]

Southeast Asia’s Answer to Berry Jam

KAYA Strawberry jam and scones are definitely delightful, but this region likes something with a richer punch for a sweet and hearty breakfast! Kaya refers to a popular coconut and egg jam in many Southeast Asian countries, which fittingly means ‘rich’ in Malay. You can most commonly find this earthy green condiment slathered on buttered […]

Would you bite into this cute lil’ tortoise?

ANG KU KUEH Resembling a glossy jewel embossed with intricate designs and decorative panels, this traditional Chinese delicacy is a common sight across markets and treat shops across East and Southeast Asia. Literally translated from Hokkien Chinese as ‘red tortoise cake’, ang ku kueh is meant to look like an ornate tortoise shell that’s often […]

The Literal Flavour Bombs of the Nunsantara Region

ONDEH ONDEH/ KLEPON This iconic traditional treat still holds the Malay Archipelago in a firm grip, and is absolutely ubiquitous in local markets and family feasts during festive occasions! The earliest record of ondeh ondeh or klepon can be traced back to the Majapahit Empire in the 12th century, and probably originated from the Indonesian […]

The Healthiest Unhealthiest Dessert – Deep Fried Fruit!

BANANA FRITTERS (GORENG PISANG) You can find this mouthwatering snack across parts of South and Southeast Asia, and these deep-fried banana fritters should definitely be on your must-try list if you’re visiting. Usually preceded by the intoxicating smell of fried batter and ripe bananas, you can find banana-laden stalls peddling crispy flavour bombs to hungry […]

The Most Convenient Dessert For The Busy Sweet Tooth

DESSERT BUNS While we definitely advise against eating while walking, there’s sometimes a place to be right now. This sucks if you’re feeling peckish for a sweet snack, so a mouthwatering dessert bun might be perfect for when you’re in a hurry! Small bakeries are a super common sight in Singapore, with a strong presence […]

Would you try ‘Tofu Brains’?

TAU HUAY (DOUHUA) This beancurd dessert goes by many names; most commonly douhua across Mandarin-speaking China, tau huay or tahu in parts of Southeast Asia and doufunao, which translates as ‘tofu brains’ in Northern China! We haven’t personally tried brains before, but if they’re delightfully jiggly, incredibly soft and filled with bracingly fresh flavour then […]